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#UltimateStrongman LIVE from Bangor, Northern Ireland

Watch Ireland's Strongest Man - Live from Bangor, Northern Ireland at 13:00 on Sunday 8th April

The “To Me To You RemovalsIreland’s Strongest Man will commence on Sunday 8th April at 1pm at the McKee Clock Arena in Bangor, Northern Ireland. All 12 competitors will be battling it out for the 19th Finn McCool Trophy.

The 4 hour strength extravaganza is supported by Ards and North Down Borough Council which entails 5 gruelling tests of strength from the historic Thomas Inch Dumbbell Press to the fan favourite, the Stones of Strength to see who is the strongest in Ireland. The favourite is the current and 2 times Ireland’s Strongest Man is Pa O’Dwyer of Co. Limerick who placed 3rd in the UK’s Strongest Man 2017. Pa O’Dwyer is looking to secure a third title in a row, but 11 other competitors from the 4 corners of Ireland are trying to snatch the crown off the “Limerick Lion” and stop him from making Irish Strongman history. All competitors will be fighting for a place on the podium which secures them entry to the 2018 UK’s Strongest Man. Come see these gladiators do battle in this strength extravaganza. This is the Ultimate Strongman Irish title. #BePartOfIt.

Schedule & Disciplines:

13:00 Athlete Introductions
13:15 Duck Walk and Anchor and chain Drag (5 links of chain- 300KG), 4 lanes, 75 second time limit
13:50 Log for Max - Starting weight, 120KG, 60 seconds for 2 attempts to win it. 10KG jumps until 2 competitors remain the weight will jump in 5KGs. Last man standing.
14:50 400 KG Tyre Flip - 20m course with 4 lanes, fastest time wins. 75 secs
15:30 Car Deadlift for reps side handles (300KG), 75 secs, most reps will win the event.
16:30 Stones of Strength - 5 stones, 100kg, 115kg, 130kg, 145kg, 160kg onto the causeway wall, 75 second time limit, most stones in the fast time wins.

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